Common Business Fuc*ups
And How To Avoid Them
Learn from our mistakes

Common Business Fuc*ups
And How To Avoid Them
Learn from our mistakes

Diagnosing the Problem

A Panel of Experts To Implement the Solution

Imagine you’ve got a serious medical issue. You visit one doctor, he has an opinion, but refers you to a specialist. That specialist has another opinion, but hasn’t spoken to your first doctor. Onto the next specialist, or off to a surgeon who hasn’t communicated with anyone. And on it goes. There’s nothing more frustrating in medicine, or in business.

At Integral Insights, we bring a holistic approach to business problems. Each Partner hears the same story, as told by you. And we each bring a complementary set of skills to the table, so we can effectively diagnose and treat as a team.

When we’re done treating, we ensure that you have the tools and the confidence to stay healthy. We’re not interested in becoming a crutch or a parasite on your business.

Operators are paid for concrete outcomes,
not supporting our neverending incomes.

Our Collaborative Process

From Strategy Building to Succession Plan:
A Transparent and Accountable Process

  • Stakeholder interviews, data collection, process mapping and strategy development
  • This step is where most consultancies stop, Integral Insights goes further
  • The Owner-Partners begin execution of strategy alongside key stakeholders
  • Day-to-day, week-to-week, our Operators are participating and active in implementation
  • A planned and clean hand off of responsibilities back to the client

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Ready to implement and execute?

Transform your business. Our Partners are ready to strategize and operate alongside you.

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